RaceDay Scoring v3.1.10 is Now Available!

Feature Updates

Auto-Save Indicator Now Pauses/Resumes All Existing Auto-Saves.

Now you can quickly pause and resume all of your Auto-Saves in one click.

Added a Clear function to Date/Time Fields.

Sometimes it was hard to see if you fully cleared a date/time field, and if you only cleared the Time but left the Date, it would revert to the old value because it was only partially saved. We have added a “Clear” button so it’s faster to clear these fields, and you will not run into the issue of times coming back from the dead.

Added Instructions to File Streams That Do Not Include Date in Their Passing Data.

It’s always recommended that you adjust the Stream read dates to the day of the Race if your readers do not include date in their passing data. If you do not do this and process reads on any date other than the actual race day, the reads that come in will be processed on an incorrect date (we assume that the date of the computer at the time of processing is the correct one).

We now make it much more clear that you should use the “Set to Race Date” button for File Streams that do not have date in their passing data.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue with running HTML Auto-Saves for Reports that have Multiple Overall Report Sections.

Fixed an issue Pre-Race Lists not properly sorting finishers along with non-finishers.

Fixed an issue Pre-Race Lists not properly sorting names starting with a lower case letter.

Fixed an issue when changing bibs and adding reads for participants that would cause them to not be placed correctly in results, requiring you to exit the Race and re-open in order to see those changes reflected.

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