RaceDay Scoring v3.1.9 is Now Available!

Note: This update requires some additional permissions from Windows. Please provide RaceDay Scoring the ability to communicate over both public and private networks (both checkboxes)

Feature Updates

Added Adjustments.

On the Participant record, you can now add Adjustments to any Segment for that Participant. You can set the time of the adjustment (negative or positive) and how many there are if you need to apply multiple one-minute penalties easily, for instance.

Adjustments automatically correct the Segment and entire race Segment times. We have also added adjustment fields in the Report Builder so you can show the adjustment amounts for each Segment, or for the Entire Race.

Performance Improvements.

We have made a change to how we process incremental read data, resulting in a significant performance increase when reads are processed in real time for races with large numbers of participants or Scored Events. This will not affect performance if all reads are processed at once, like if you were to process all start reads at once.

Added Pre-Race List Report Section.

We have added a simple Pre-Race List Report Section that you can select when building a Report. This will sort based on Last Name by default, but you can change the column order to make First Name the first column and it will sort based on that instead.

In a later Reporting update, we will be adding more features like allowing you to combine Participants from multiple Scored Events into a single pre-race list, and sort on other fields if needed.

Added Finisher Count Fields.

We have added a few useful fields in the Report Builder – Num. Scored Event Finishers, Num. Scored Event Gender Finishers, and Num. Scored Event Age Group Finisher.

Improved Multi-Report Section Result Publishing

We now use the Report Section Titles for the Result Set Name when adding an Auto-Save to a Report with multiple Overall Report Sections in it. Prior to this update, we used the Report Name for all generated Result Sets, which could cause confusion for Participants.

Made Disable Sync work both ways

Prior to this update, the Disable Sync checkbox would only prevent changes from RaceDay Scoring from going to RunSignup. This setting now also prevents RunSignup from updating RaceDay Scoring.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue causing Failure to Rebuild Report errors in some scenarios.

Fixed an issue causing a “First Name Required” error to show when the actual problem was duplicated Participants.

Fixed an issue causing Relay Teams to incorrectly show as finishers without having any times recorded under certain scenarios.

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