RaceDay Scoring v3.1.7 Is Now Available!

Feature Updates

Made a Change to how DNS flags are automatically controlled by Races with multiple Segments.

We used to only un-set the DNS flag when a Participant received a read at their assigned Starting Point Location. We now un-set this whenever a read is accepted at any Location. This is particularly helpful for showing results in progress for multi-segment events like Triathlons.

Made a Change to Always Show Non-Finishers by Default.

We made a change to the Default Reports and Default Report Section settings so that Reports will always show non-finishers by default. Please note that we will not show non-starters by default. This means that all participants in progress will show in Reports by default. This is particularly useful for Triathlons where you want to publish results for athletes in progress to RunSignup. It will also allow you to easily see anyone who has started the race, but has yet to finish as they will now show by default at the bottom of the default report without a time.

Added support for Membership Settings that vary by Event.

Prior to this update, we would only include Membership Settings that we set at the entire Race level at RunSignup. This means that if you needed to include Event-Specific Membership settings, they would not show as available to import to RaceDay Scoring. Now we will include separate fields for each Event that has Membership Settings enabled.

For instance – if you have a USAT Triathlon with different USAT Event IDs for each registration Event, you will now be able to import the USAT Membership Numbers for those participants. Prior to this update, we did not support this type of configuration – it would only work if you had a single USAT Event ID set up on the Race.

Deleting Raw Reads now deletes associated Scored Reads.

Prior to this update if you deleted a Raw Read it would not automatically delete the associated Scored Read for that Participant. Now we automatically remove the associated Scored Read for you so you don’t have to recalculate your Raw Reads to reflect the removal of the Raw Read in your Scored Reads.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue causing Sync Errors when upgrading a Local Race to RunSignup after you have already set up a Data Action that triggers Event Switches.

Fixed an issue causing some parts of the Sync process to not process new adds/changes after exporting/importing a Race.

Fixed an issue causing errors when using the RunSignup Announcer Links in the Timing Locations area if any of your Timing Locations had leading or trailing spaces in their name.

Fixed an issue causing sync errors when importing a CSV of participants including DOB when the Race at RunSignup is configured to have an age calculation date that varies from the actual Race Date.

Adding Participants manually would work fine, but importing from a CSV and only including the DOB would cause sync errors saying that the Age and DOB do not match.

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