RaceDay Scoring v3.1.6 Is Now Available!

Feature Updates

Made a Change to Automatically Enable Participant Sync When Upgrading a Local Race to RunSignup.

We used to default the Disable Sync checkbox to On, now it is defaulted to Off so Participants will immediately begin syncing.

Updated the Quick Publish Button to only show if Quick Publish Settings have been enabled.

Prior to this update, the Quick Publish Button would show even if you did not having any Quick Publish settings, causing confusion. We now hide this button unless you have Quick Publish Settings.

Improved Data Issues Filters so that you can view logs of changes from a specified Data Action.

Now you can more easily get a list of all Participants who were switching from one Event to another because of a Data Action for instance.

Changed the automatic Marker Read system so that we will no longer overwrite any manually entered start times with incoming start times from your Stream Data.

Now we only will use Marker Reads as start times if nothing is entered in the Scored Event for the Actual Start Time.

Added FinishLynx .lif File Import Stream Type.

Start Times will be imported as Marker Reads, which will automatically be imported as Start Times if you do not set an Actual Start Time prior to bringing the lif files in.

Added Corral Description to Corral Assignment Screen.

This should make it easier to remember what filters you need to add when setting up Corral Assignments.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue with RunSignup Custom Questions if a Race had set up two questions with exactly the same name.

Fixed an issue with Participant Data Entry which could copy over previously entered data in some scenarios.

Fixed an issue causing Failed to Rebuild Report Errors under certain circumstances.

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