RaceDay Scoring v3.1.4 Is Now Available!

Feature Updates

Added Links to RSU Registration Management Page and Team Management Page From Synced Participants/Teams.

This can be helpful for troubleshooting, or to view some information on a Participant/Team that is only at RunSignup, like the amount that they paid for their registration.

Added Setup Notes to Timing Locations.

We have added some text to the Timing Location Setup to better explain how different Timing Location Types decide on which Raw Read to use as a Scored Read at the Timing Location that you’re setting up.

Start Locations always use the last time seen for each Participant within the Time Filters you have set up.

Finish/Split Locations always use the first time seen for each Participant within the Time Filters you have set up.

We also made it more clear that changes made to the Timing Location filters do not apply to any existing Raw Read Data. If you would like your new filtering to apply to the existing Raw Reads you already have loaded, you would need to use the Recalculate function in the Raw Reads panel on the Dashboard.

Added validation to the Participant Import to prevent importing Participants if their Age and Date of Birth do not match.

This would cause an error when syncing with RunSignup, so we now prevent it from happening in the import.

Added features to Data Issues Report

The Data Issues Report allows you to view any potential data issues like missing ages, and view an audit log of any updates to data, and where that update came from. This second part can be handy for troubleshooting how an edit to your Participant data happened.

We have updated a few parts of the display to make it easier to use, including adding in proper headers to a few columns that were missing them, and making the buttons show the current tab that you have selected, so you don’t need to guess whether you’re looking at Participant or Timing data.

We have also added a new dropdown to filter the list by the Source of the change made. For instance, you may want to see only updates that were typed into RaceDay Scoring. That could be done by selecting the “ParticipantView” Source, with “Log” selected.

Updated Entire Race Pace and Split Pace Columns to Hide In Reports if the Segment is Set To Do Not Display Pace.

Previously, we would show a blank column for Paces set to Do Not Display. Now, we are hiding them for both Entire Race Segments and Segments when using the Splits Data Field in a Report.

Note: These changes will also apply to RunSignup Results, but if you change one of your Segment Paces to Do Not Display after setting up your RSU Auto-Save, you will need to recreate that Auto-Save.

Added “-” To System Generated Team Reports.

When setting up Team Reports, we will set the name of the Report to “Event Name” + “Type of Report”. This works well for most situations, but we found it confusing for Relay Events that are commonly named something like “Triathlon Relay”. This would cause Reports being set up called “Triathlon Relay Relay Report”. Now, those will display as “Triathlon Relay – Relay Report” so it’s a bit more clear that it’s not just being redundant.

Made it Harder To Miss Updates.

We now force you to click to dismiss the Update Available Popup.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue with RunSignup Custom Questions if a Race had set up two questions with exactly the same name.

Fixed an issue with Relay Team Names being duplicated in RunSignup Results.

Fixed an issue Causing Manually Adjusted Corral Assignments to be Reverted Back to Their Auto-Assignment Values.

Fixed an issue that could cause the Connector to take too long to process very large chip read files (15+ MB).

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