RaceDay Scoring v3.1.3 Is Now Available

Feature Updates

Improved Handling of Improperly Formatted City Data. We saw that we were getting sync errors from RunSignup when Participants had numbers in their City name field. Instead of getting sync errors about these issues, we now simply prevent that from happening both in the Participant Import, and if you type into the City Name field. Now we are rejecting any numbers in a City field.

Added a link to view previous release notes online.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue with RunSignup Results when Pace for an Entire Race Segment is set to Do Not Display

Fixed an issue when publishing a Local Race to RunSignup that included Teams

Fixed an issue where changes to score by Clock or Chip would not be reflected in RunSignup Division Results.

Fixed an issue causing Auto-Saves or Quick Publishes to disappear when scoring a race setup with Teams that originated from an Export file.

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