RaceDay Scoring v3 is now available!

We are excited to announce RaceDay Scoring v3! This update involves a major rework of the way scoring is done in order to better support some of the more advanced Team Scoring scenarios out there. Specifically, we now support the ability to score and publish team results online for Cross Country (XC) races!

Incompatibility notice: Because this was a major change to the database structure, any existing Team reports for races on the machine that you are upgrading will no longer work properly. Non-Team reports will not be affected. The Races will load just fine, just the Team Reports will no longer be accurate. You will need to manually rebuild any old Team reports for Races that had Team reports after this update if you had built the Race on prior versions.

Feature Updates

Rebranded from Groups to Teams You will notice that across the app we have change the terminology from Group to Team as we found that Teams made more sense from a timing perspective.

Implemented new RunSignup Team Results RunSignup has built a new Team Results platform allowing better navigation between teams and members of teams. This was built with supporting Cross Country results in mind specifically, but we have also implemented it for standard Aggregate Team Results, like Corporate Team races. In order to publish XC or Aggregate Team Results to RunSignup, you must add a new Team Finisher List Report (described below), and set up an auto-save on it to publish to RunSignup.

Updated Aggregate Team Report Types

Team Detail – Displays a ranked list of Teams, with a detailed list of Members within each Team Section.

Team Summary – Displays a ranked list of Teams without Team Member Details (other than scores).

Team Finisher List – Displays a ranked list of Finishers who are Members of Teams (Excludes Participants not assigned to a Team). This Report must be published to RunSignup for the new RunSignup Team Results to display.

TFRRS – This is a special section used to publish Cross Country results online to TFRRS.

Updated Relay Team Report Type Team Summary – Displays a ranked list of Relay Teams without Team Member Details.

Added better generation and cleanup of Default Team Reports when saving/changing Team Scoring Rules and Scored Event Settings. We now automatically remove any reports that would no longer be accurate, and generate new reports based on the new settings provided and let you know which reports will be rebuilt, and which ones you will need to manually rebuild.

Added the ability for multiple Events to use a single Team Type This is very helpful if you have multiple Events throughout the day (as is common in Cross Country) with Teams having members in each Event. Prior to this update, you would have had to have a Team Type created for each Event you have. Now, you would only need to add a single Team, even if that Team has Members in different Events. So instead of needing to create a Girls version and a Boys version of the same High School, you can only create one. This is really only helpful for Aggregate Team Scoring, as Relay Team Scoring will not work with members across different Events.

Added ability to combine results from multiple Team Types into a single Report Sometimes you may need to combine results together from multiple Team Types. For instance, if the registration is set up to break out All-Male and All-Female Relay Teams into two Team Types, but in scoring you want to combine them together, you are now able to do so.

Added full support for Cross Country Scoring Displacement Rules In the Scored Events setup you can click the Team Scoring button to open up the Default Team Scoring Options panel, which will allow you to set up the default Team Scoring Options for all Team Types that get associated to this Scored Event. You can also edit this on the individual Team Type if you want different scoring rules for each Team Type within an Event (like if collegiate and open XC runners ran together, but the open runners used different displacement rules).

The displacement rules allow you to say that you want to score through X number of runners, but allow Y runners to displace the Team Scores for the positions between X and Y. For instance – Score Through 5 and Displace Through 7 means that each Team’s Score will be based on the runners 1-5 only, but runners 6 and 7 will count against the runners from other teams when calculating their scores.

Added the ability to automatically build separate Aggregate Team Scoring Reports by Gender This is helpful if you happen to have a single Scored Event where you are running a mixture of genders, but intend for the results to always be separated by gender.

Added Support for sending Cross Country Results to TFRRS This is available as a special Report Section if the Event is set up for Cross Country Scoring. Build a custom report and add in the TFRRS Report Section to get started.

Added NCAA Tie Breaker Rules Also known as Head to Head Tiebreaker. This rule is designed to compare finishers between teams that tie in the sequence in which they finish on the team. For example, if two or more teams tie, the finish position of finisher 1, 2, 3, etc. on each team are compared. The team with the most wins is the winner of the tie.

Added Allow Under Minimum to Displace Setting for Cross Country Scoring Setting Standard cross country scoring calls for finishers on teams with fewer than the minimum (usually 5) should not be included in the displacement when determining finish position. When this setting is used, this component of cross country scoring will be ignored and finishers on teams with fewer than the minimum will be included in the displacement.

Added Minimum Number of Ghosted Runners Field Use this if you want to fill up teams with less finishers than the minimum needed to score with runners having the same time as the last finisher for the division / gender. You must specify a minimum number of finishers a team needs before the team is completed with ghost runners.

Added Year field for Events set up for Cross Country Useful for displaying the grade or the college year – can be numbers or letters. This is a requirement in order to send results to TFRRS, but will also be included in our default XC results reports.

Added Ability to Set Up Team Types in the Participant Import Process If you’re starting from a simple spreadsheet without any Team Types being pulled from RunSignup, or set up manually before your import, we now give you the ability to set them up on the fly as you are importing your spreadsheet of entries.

Added Ability to View Team Types for All Scored Events When on the Team Classifications page you can now view all Team Types at once instead of having to select which Scored Event to filter by.

Added Quick Links Between Team List and Team Type List Found in the toolbar, you can now easily flip between the Teams List and the Team Types List.

Added Accept Reads Until/After Details to Timing Location Panels on Dashboard You will now see details about when each of your Locations are set to be collecting reads. It will now also warn you if you have not set up any filters for your Timing Locations.

Added ability to automatically update Participant Info based on Raw Reads The Data Actions area has been improved to allow automatically switching Participant Info based on Raw Reads. For instance, now you can provide a Stream and time of day range to the Data Action in order to automatically switch the Event of all participants who get a read at that Stream during that time. This is useful for Cross Country where you generally will distribute participants into their Events based on their finish time of day, but it can be useful in other situations as well, like check mats automatically switching the Events for participants who cross over a given Stream that they know should only be crossed by participants in the target Event.

Bugs Fixed

Many “Under the hood” fixes and performance improvements

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