RaceDay Scoring v2.1.12 is Now Available!

Feature Updates

Improved Participant Add/Edit Form Usability. We have made the Participant Status area static so it will no longer move around the screen based on how much extra data the Participant has. We have also added a limit to how many Group Members show by default to 5, with the ability to scroll through the pages and view/search through them all in a full screen view if needed.

Improved Auto-Save Indicator Light. Prior to this update, the Auto-Save indicator would show as green if there were no Auto-Saves present in the Race. We have updated the logic so that it will show red if there are no Auto-Saves, and will only show green if there are any Auto-Saves that are currently running. Note that the presence or absence of Quick Publishes does not have an affect on the Auto-Save Status Indicator.

Added help text to the Scored Event Finish Location area. A common setup mistake is when you configure a Timing Location to collect more than one occurrence (for instance, a three lap race where it finishes on the third lap), but you never go into the Segment Setup to say that the Entire Race Segment finishes on occurrence 3. We now remind you when setting up Scored Events that we use the first occurrence on the Finish by default, and if you need to use a different occurrence for the Finish, be sure to set that up in the Segment Setup.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue causing the user to not be able to view pending sync information for Groups/Group Types.

Fixed an issue causing imports to fail if Timing Locations were deleted after other parts of the Race were already set up, like reports. We now do a better job of cleaning up associated data when a Scored Event is deleted.

Fixed an issue causing participants marked as “DNQ” to show in results reports.

Fixed an issue causing an invalid pace error when publishing results to RunSignup.

Fixed an issue causing an error when saving Scored Events when Streams exist without Port/Address information.

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