RaceDay Scoring v2.2.10 is now available!

Feature Updates

Added more clarity to the Auto-Save removal dialog. We now make it more clear that when you are deciding to remove an Auto-Save, you have the option to also remove or leave up the associated RunSignup Results set.

When recording Raw Reads for File Streams we now show the Stream Name instead of the RDS Device Name

Made it easier to update a single Stream’s IP Address and Port

Added option to generate one-to-one Bib/Chip Mappings.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue causing individual Segment Place columns to not show correctly

Fixed an issue causing RunSignup Results Errors to not show full details

Fixed an issue when importing Races that have Streams that match the name and device type of existing Streams on the computer you are importing to We used to assume that as long as the device type and name of the Stream were the same, everything else about the Stream would be as well, so we would use the existing Stream instead of adding the new one of the same name. The issue was if some settings like port or IP address changed on the incoming Stream, those changes would be thrown out if the existing Stream’s Port/IP Address settings were different.

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