RaceDay Scoring v2.2.8 Is Now Available!

Feature Updates

Made Stream Port Change Process More Clear For some Direct Streams you may need to change the Port number that is being used. We allow you to do this by changing the Default Stream Settings to use a different Port number. Prior to this update it was not clear to the user that those settings only apply to Streams that were created or updated after the new default was set.

In this update you will receive a message when updating your Default Stream Settings to make any needed changes to existing Streams in order to apply the newly set defaults. You can do this by clicking the Edit button on a Stream then scrolling down to the Port section and selecting Use Default to update this existing Stream with the new Default Port you set up earlier.

In addition we now show the IP Address and Port number currently being used for all Streams in the Streams list. This will make it more clear that the Stream Ports for existing Streams will not change unless you go in and update them after you set new defaults.

This will also make it easier to identify IPICO and Trident Direct Streams by the IP Address and Port being used at a glance instead of having to go into the settings to verify.

Moved options to send Splits to RunSignup out from the Advanced Settings area of the Auto-Save Setup. These are off by default, but we commonly skimmed over by Timers assuming they were on by default who did not check the Advanced Settings area. We think showing the options always will make it more clear to Timers so they can decide for themselves whether or not to include splits in online results as they set up their Auto-Saves.

Added Date of Birth as a Participant Data Field that you can include in Reports. This is useful for producing specialty reports like Boston Qualifiers and USA Triathlon Result Submissions.

Be careful to never include personally identifiable Participant information like Date of Birth to Reports that are being published publicly.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an Issue Causing Auto-Saves to disappear after making changes to a Report while an Auto-Save was running. This would cause Auto-Saves from other Reports to disappear and would cause a lot of confusion.

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