RaceDay Scoring v2.2.7 is Now Available!

Feature Updates

Added Tooltip Help Text to Corral Start Times Added some help text when setting up Corral Start Times explaining the interaction between different types of Start Times (Chip, Corral, Event).

For Events scoring by Clock Time, anyone assigned to a Corral with a Corral Start Time will always have their Corral Start Time used instead of their Event Start Time to calculate their Clock Time.

For Events scoring by Chip Time it becomes more complicated. Chip Start Times are only ever used to calculate Chip Times if they occur after the Participant’s assigned Event/Corral Start Time. If their Chip Start comes in before their Event/Corral Start Time, it is marked as “Pre-Gun” and is ignored for scoring purposes.

There is a setting on the Scored Event setup to “Use Pre-Gun Start Times to calculate Chip Times” if you want to always consider Chip Start Times even if they come before the assigned Event/Corral Start Time.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an Issue Causing an Error Message When Collecting Reads After Upgrading From an Old Version of RaceDay Scoring. We found that some users upgrading from a very old (2019) version of RaceDay Scoring could encounter a SQLITE_ERROR message when collecting reads. This has been corrected so this will no longer happen in the future, and we have added some additional code to prevent this type of upgrade error from happening in the future.

Fixed an Issue Causing Deleted Participants from RunSignup to Show in RaceDay Scoring. We found an instance that could cause deleted participants to show in RaceDay Scoring when they should not. We have updated our sync process to better handle deletion of participant data at RunSignup, especially when the scoring computer is offline for some time then reconnects.

Fixed an issue causing Time Zones to not save or correctly be reflected for countries other than the U.S.

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