RaceDay Scoring v2.2.6 is now available!

Feature Updates

Added option to Use Pre-Gun Start Times to calculate Chip Times When setting up Scored Events and selecting to score by Chip Time, you now have the option to use Pre-Gun Chip Start Times in the Chip Time calculation. Without this setting, Chip Start Times are only used if they occur after the assigned Event/Corral Start Time for that Participant. With this setting enabled, it effectively does not consider the Event/Corral Start Time for calculating the Chip Time field.

Bugs Fixed

Correctly ignore Occurrences when over the occurrence count for the Event the read is for Prior to this update if you had a common location that used 2 reads for the 5k but 3 reads for the 10k in your Segment setup, it was possible to see that three Raw Reads were marked as “Used” by the system even though they actually are not. Now we have added an “Occurrence not used in segments” Ignored Reason to properly ignore and show reads in this state.

Fixed an issue causing paused Auto-Saves to resume when saving Scored Events or Age Groups. We noticed that saving certain parts of the setup caused Auto-Saves to resume when the reports are rebuilt. We now retain the state of the auto-save when rebuilding reports after saving things like Scored Events and Age Groups.

Correctly handle deleted results from RunSignup Results. We saw an issue where if you remove the reads for a participant they would not be removed from the associated RunSignup Results Set. Now these are getting cleaned up when we remove results from RaceDay Scoring.

When copying Segments, we now retain the target Event’s “Entire Race” information instead of replacing it with the source Event’s information. For instance – if you are copying a segment setup from the full marathon to the half marathon, we used to copy over the 13.1 distance to the full. Now it will keep 26.2 for the entire race distance.

Corrected an issue with publishing Races to RunSignup using Miles or Yards as a distance unit This would give an unknown error when trying to publish the Race to RunSignup.

No longer automatically associate existing “Start” and “Finish” Streams to “Start” and Finish” Locations This was causing problems for Timers who had edited the default “Start” and “Finish Streams that we provide when creating your first race so we have removed the defaulting of these Streams.

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