RaceDay Scoring v2.2.5 is now available!

Feature Updates

UI Update to Participant Data Import Cleaned up the interface for importing Participant Data and added more explanation about how to map the Registration ID or Participant ID to update existing Participants instead of adding new ones.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed issue with Dropped Participants showing in Reports Dropped Participants were incorrectly being displayed in Reports even if the option to show non finishers was not enabled. That is fixed, and now when you select to show non finishers we will show those Participants that were Dropped as well as DNF.

Fixed crash when resolving unknown reads in a very specific way. This would only happen if you went to Streams > View Raw Reads then resolved an unknown read from there. It would not happen if you went directly to View Raw Reads from the Dashboard or elsewhere.

Fixed an issue with Yes/No Custom Question Participant Data Filtering. If you had a Yes/No Custom Question and wanted to use that to drive a Participant Data Filter on a Top Finisher Category, you could not select the options (Yes/No). This has been fixed along with a few other issues we discovered with Participant Data Filtering in Custom Top Finishers.

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