Progress Reports for Relay Teams, Better RunSignup Membership Integration, and more now available in RDS v2.2.4!

Feature Updates

Added Progress Reports for Relay Teams We now show Race Progress for Group Types that are set up for Relay scoring. Participants within Groups that are of this scoring type will have their race status flags (DNS/DNF) set by the progress of the Group they are a part of. There is now a separate panel indicating the number of Groups in a Group Type, and breakdowns based on how many are currently in progress or have finished, like we have already done for individuals.

UI Update to RaceDay Hub Result Kiosk Report Selection Screen Cleaned up the interface for selecting a Report to show as a Results Kiosk, and added more help text. Made it more clear how to select the Recent Reads at Timing Location Report in order to be used as an Announcer screen.

Added Additional Support for RunSignup Memberships We now show a checkbox indicating whether a Participant has selected that they are a Member of a RunSignup Custom Membership.

Changed Pace to Always be determined by RaceDay Scoring. Prior to this update, RunSignup would calculate the pace based on the Event Distance set up in Registration. Some Timers do not have the ability to update this value due to restricted access, so we now disable this calculation and send our own pace values. This will ensure that even if the RunSignup Event Distances do not match the RaceDay Scoring Scored Event Distances, the paces will be displayed as reported in RaceDay Scoring.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed issue with sending help tickets We found an issue that could happen if you have a problem on site with an extraordinary amount of errors,causing the help submission form to time out. We now will not try to send all of the log files in this instance.

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