RaceDay Scoring v2.1.33 is now available!

New shortcut from Bib Number to the Raw Reads Lookup for that Bib Number.

Feature Updates

Added a shortcut from bib numbers to the raw reads for that bib number.

This has been applied in various areas in the app. You can now click a bib number to see all of the raw reads for that bib number. This should help with troubleshooting issues or just as a quick reference.

Added a new error message if the Connector senses a device that is not mapped to a Stream.

You will now receive an error if you have a device sensed by the Connector that is not currently mapped to a Stream in RaceDay Scoring. This will help you identify issues with your setup, like having a typo in your Stream Setup.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue causing Race exports to error out when importing them .

Fixed an issue causing you to be unable to remove an auto-save if the Result Set on RunSignup was deleted .

We now automatically remove any auto-saves from RaceDay Scoring if their RunSignup result set counterpart was removed. This will happen when saving the auto-save settings.

Fixed an issue causing a failure to import Races with some membership settings on RunSignup .

Fixed an issue causing Reports to not run if some combinations of Report Section Filtering were applied. .

Added more error messaging to Event Distance Sync Errors .

Fixed an issue with IPICO and Trident Streams when additional data is included in the read files.

Fixed an issue causing Age Groups using the either gender options to not be displayed in reports.

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