Get a better view of your ongoing Race Progress with RaceDay Scoring v2.1.30!

This update includes a few large improvements to provide more reports and visuals to give you better insights into the status of your Races in real time.

Feature Updates

Added a DROP field.

This will allow you to indicate that a Participant elected to drop out of the Race while on course. This will allow you to better distinguish Participants who have yet to finish, but you expect to eventually, and those that you never expect to finish.

Improved the setting of DNS/DNF fields.

We started to automatically set and unset DNS and DNF fields in the last few updates using Data Actions, and have improved it in the latest update to be more stable by hardcoding it instead of relying on Data Actions. You should no longer see issues about Participant’s DNS/DNF flags not being set correctly.

Added a Tooltip when hovering over a Participant Name to indicate their Race Status

We now show whether this participant is a Non-Starter, In-Progress, or a Finisher just by hovering over their name. This should make things much easier when trying to determine the status of a Participant quickly.

Implemented Race Progress Lists

We now automatically generate Race Progress Reports for all Scored Events in your Race when you set them up. Those new Reports are Non-Starters, In Progress, Finishers, and Dropped.

On the Dashboard we provide a new panel of information showing the number of Non-Starters and the number who have Dropped Out and display a percentage of registrants who we expect to start (those with bib numbers assigned).

We also show progress bars showing a visualization of the number of participants In Progress and the number of participants who have Finished. Now as a Race Progresses, you’ll see the In Progress bar go up as start reads come in, then go down as finishers come in. Similarly, you will see the Finisher’s bar fill up as Finish reads come in.

We show this information for the entire race in one panel, but also show breakdowns for each Scored Event you have set up. Within the Scored Event panels we provide links to the Race Progress Reports, so if you need to view a list of those who have dropped out of one of your Events, you’d have quick access to it from the Dashboard. Or if you needed a quick report of those who are still In Progress for another Event, you be able to get to that easily as well.

Improvements to Dashboard Layout and UI for Raw and Scored Read Information.

Increased contrast of raw and scored read fonts, and made it easier to view more data at once by reducing the vertical size of the elements on the right hand sidebar. Grouped together the Scored Read count panels and labelled them Reads by Location to make it more clear what they are.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed a bug causing errors when publishing results that include custom question responses in a numeric format.

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