RaceDay Scoring v2.1.24 is now available!

Feature Updates

No longer show non finishers in the top five by gender dashboard leaderboards. The top five leaderboards are based on the Overall report for each Scored Event you have for your Race. If you happen to include non-finishers in that Report, and there are less than 5 finishers for the gender you’re looking at, you’ll notice non-finishers showing in that leaderboard. We’ve remove that so it now will never show non-finishers.

Improved Add Scored Reads Page. We have made it more clear how to add Scored Reads (Timing Locations > Scored Reads > Add Times) and standardized the interface of the page. It is now more clear how you can enter times based on a Clock Time instead of entering in Time of Day.

Corral Name can now be added as a column in Reports.

Gun/Corral Start Time of Day Fields can now be added to Reports. You can now include a Participant’s assigned Corral or Event Start Time is in Reports.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue with automatically un-setting DNF flags. We have fixed an issue that would cause a DNF flag to not get un-set if a participant missed their start read but recorded a finish time.

Fixed an issue with reads not being imported for Streams that were not being used in a Finish Location in any Events.

Fixed an issue causing finisher sorting to be all over the place for participants who had some segments completed for scored events being timed in clock time, but had yet to finish the race. Previously the segment sorting was dependent on the scored event being chip/clock based timing, but now we are only sorting regular segments by their chip time, while still sorting the entire race time based on the scored event’s chip/clock time preference.

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