RaceDay Scoring v2.1.23 Is Now Available!

Feature Updates

Changed default sort for non-finishers to be by the most number of completed segments then by lowest cumulative time at last segment. Prior to this non finishers were just shown in random order beneath finishers. This will be helpful for Triathlons and other multi-segment events where you’d like to show the race in progress.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed a bug that would cause participants to not automatically get their DNF/DNS flags set from reads if the Race came from a Race Director export file..

Fixed a bug that caused reads that were assigned to a Participant that was not assigned to an Event that was used for the Location that the read took place on. We now correctly show these in the Raw Read data with the ignored reason “No event found for bib.”

Fixed a bug that caused the Participant Data Filters to not work in Reports.

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