RaceDay Scoring v2.1.22 Is Now Available!

Feature Updates

Added Support for RunSignup Membership Information If you are scoring a RunSignup Race with Memberships setup (USAC, USAT, Custom, etc…) this information will be available to you as a Participant Data Field. You can include this information in Reports by adding this as a column.

Added a Pause/Resume All Auto-Saves feature to the Dashboard You can now control the status of all Auto-Saves in a Race by using the Pause/Resume All Auto-Saves buttons on the Dashboard in the Report Auto-Save Panel. The Panel also now shows a count of Auto-Saves that are enabled for your Race.

Reverted Change to RaceDay Hub Auto-Saves that restricted them to only use intervals of 30s + Now this restriction only applies to RunSignup Results auto-saves.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed issue when importing Race File with Teams at RSU that are not needed for scoring. Shows as error message “Group Type #1: Scored Event ID is required.” when importing.

Fixed issue when using Participant Data Filters with Radio Button Questions. There was an issue with the “Value” dropdown not showing for Radio Button Question Types.

Fixed issue with Participants not showing in Reports when they miss a start read. This was due to their DNS flag not being un-set when a finish time is recorded. Now when a participant finishes, they also will have their DNS flag un-set.

Performance Improvements when saving Scored Events with Races that have many Scored Events

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