RaceDay Scoring v2.1.19 is now available!

Feature Updates

Added 2020 Age Grading Tables
We have updated our Age Grade tables to reflect the new 2020 standards. You can learn how to add Age Grade to reports here.

Auto-Saves are now included when importing/exporting Races.
Prior to this update, auto-saves would not be included when exporting Race files. Now when you export and import a Race any auto-saves set up will be included. When you import a Race file, any auto-saves that were included will be paused by default.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed a couple of bugs affecting RunSignup Auto-Saves that use the Custom Results Set option for publishing results

  • Empty fields (like city/state or age) used to cause an error when uploading results
  • Changing from using Custom Results to Standard RSU Results caused an error (we now prevent the user from changing Result Set types)

Fixed bug affecting RunSignup Announcer Links.
Under certain circumstances, the RSU announcer links would point to the wrong page. This has been fixed so they will always be in sync.

Fixed bug when mapping a column in RaceDay Scoring to two different fields in RunSignup Results.
Prior to this, only one field would populate. Now they both will.

Fixed bug causing an error when importing Races that include Reports that include Segment Place Columns in a Report Section.

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