RaceDay Scoring v2.1.18 is now available!

Feature Updates

Added new “Ambiguous Reads” selection screen. This will show a list of all participants who have more than one potentially valid read for a common start/finish Timing Location that has overlapping read collection times for Start and Finish. This screen will allow you to select which read you would like to use, instead of requiring you to delete the reads that you don’t want to use like we had done prior to this change.

Added ability to copy Segments from one Scored Event to Another. You can now copy the Segment Setup from one Scored Event to one or many other Scored Events.

Added option to automatically format names in mixed case. This will allow you to type in entries faster on race day, not having to worry about capitalizing things correctly.

We’ve made it easier to add RunSignup Auto-Saves by defaulting in most fields for you.

Added message when the Scored Event Distance does not match the RunSignup Event Distance with a link to change the RunSignup Distance. This will prevent any pace inaccuracies on RunSignup by alerting you to any distance discrepancies.

We now show DQ participants in Reports if you select the option to Show Non-Finishers.

Updated Age Group formatting to look cleaner in Reports. Added a dash in between the min/max ages.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue with importing Bib/Chip Cross References when you have Teams.

Fixed an issue causing Auto-Save settings to not stick after leaving the page.

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