Flexible Timing Now Available w/RaceDay Scoring & Race Director

As areas of the country are preparing for the gradual lifting of Covid-19 restrictions, RunSignup is working on ways we can support the industry through technology. We are pleased to share that RaceDay Scoring and The Race Director now have the ability to capture both start and finish reads with overlapping start and finish time periods. This means that for small to mid-sized events timers can now offer official scored results for events with flexible start times that include set start and finish locations. Timers are able to offer more of a hybrid experience of virtual and traditional races where the start time is more fluid and helps to avoid participant congestion.

RunSignup’s Crisp McDonald Offers Neighborhood Official Scored Times

Example: timers can set up their timing equipment at the start and finish location(s) and provide scoring services during specific timeframes, such as on a Saturday and Sunday 7am to 2pm.

>>RaceDay Scoring Release Notes

>>The RaceDirector Release Notes

RaceDay Suite: Automatic Data Syncing

For timers, the underlying technology of RunSignup’s RaceDay Suite overcomes a lot of hurtles they would normally experience with trying to score open start time events. All data is automatically synchronized and this means registration can stay open, bib numbers can be dynamically assigned, any changes are automatically adjusted on all fronts, and results are posted real-time. There is no uploading or pulling data! The RaceDay Suite is designed to work well together and alleviate a lot of the typical timer headaches.

Race Options: Encourages Registrations

An approach timers can take is offer their events options to address the changing situation of the industry. For example, timers could offer a combination of official scored results and virtual participant submitted results using RunSignup’s Virtual Results. They can also offer RaceJoy’s live GPS tracking, cheer sending, and course audio cues to boost the value and experience for participants.

The race in turn can offer registration options and deferential pricing. An example would be $40 for onsite race-timed weekend start and $30 Virtual Race where the participant can either complete the course outside the weekend hours or Race Anywhere – to be completed during a specified period of time such as a week. Races can communicate that should the hosting of the event be disrupted, participants will automatically be converted to the virtual option and refunded the extra $10. This helps to overcome consumers concerns about races potentially being cancelled and encourages more registrations for the event.

Timer Resources: RunSignup Technology

RunSignup offers a whole host of tools and products for supporting virtual races and more of the hybrid type of events that will evolve as regions reopen areas of the country.

Timers are invited to join us for the following online certification training sessions to become RaceDay Certified. If you are already certified and wish to receive a refresher, you are welcome to attend. The RaceDay Scoring training will cover basic training of the product. RaceJoy’s training will cover basic and features focused on offering a virtual race experience. Both sessions are scheduled from 1pm to 5pm EST.

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