RaceDay Scoring v2.1.15 is now available!

Feature Updates

Added new read selection process if you have a common start/finish with overlapping start and finish time periods. Now when you have overlapping start and finish times on the same location we select the first set of times that meet the gap factor for each participant. This is useful for situations where you will be leaving a start/finish area open for a long period with participants starting and finishing throughout.

Added new ignored read reason type to go along with this new read selection process. We have added the “Extra Finish Occurrence” Ignored Reason so you can easily pick out any potential times that could have been selected for a participant, but they were ignored because an earlier set of times was already selected.

Added ability to delete raw reads. If you do wind up needing to address an issue where someone had a set of reads selected that should not have been (say because they mis-triggered the mats early in the day before they actually completed the course) you can now delete Raw Reads to fix the issue. Deleting Raw Reads will recalculate the Raw Reads for the affected participant and select the next best set of reads to use for scoring. You will need to close and re-open the Raw Reads view to see this after you delete.

Added option to export sync queue from RaceDay Hub Participant Kiosk. You can now export a pending sync queue from a data entry kiosk if you happen to completely lose connection to your main system and need to get the entries manually. You will be able to export these participants then import them into your other computer for scoring.

Added option to prevent duplicate bib numbers when importing participant data from a spreadsheet.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue causing a tooltip to show off screen in the Stream Setup.

Fixed an issue with removing sub-participants from participant kiosk.

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