RaceDay Scoring v2.1.14 is now available!

Feature Updates

RunSignup Corral Assignments now come down when syncing participant information. Prior to this update just the Corrals themselves came down into RaceDay Scoring. Now you will see that both the Corrals come in, as well as including which Participants are included in that Corral.

Added support for better formatted Team Results at RunSignup.

Changed Race Selection dropdown to sort from latest to earliest race dates.

Added option to import changes to participant data from a spreadsheet by mapping the RSU Registration ID.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue that caused sorting names to look incorrect.

Added an automatic full database backup when upgrading RaceDay Scoring to make sure that customers have a way to access old race data if it happens to be lost.

Fixed an issue causing age placements to be incorrect under a certain scenario.

Fixed an issue with importing participants in Races with Super/Sub Events.

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