RaceDay Scoring v2.1.13 is now available!

Feature Updates

Race Export filenames now default to the Race Name instead of the internal Race ID. You can always change the name of the resulting .zip file to whatever we like, but we now default the text to the name of the Race.

RunSignup Corral Assignments now come down when syncing participant information. Prior to this update just the Corrals themselves came down into RaceDay Scoring. Now you will see that both the Corrals come in, as well as including which Participants are included in that Corral.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue that caused tab delimited file Streams to only import the first time in the file.

Fixed an issue causing a crash when opening the application if database included participants who were a part of RunSignup Super Events.

Fixed an issue causing a Race export to not import onto another computer if single band Top Finishers were configured.

Fixed a few time formatting issues when importing a Race file that was scored in another time zone.

Fixed Age Grading for races that are non-standard distances.

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