RaceDay Scoring v2.1.10 is now available!

Feature Updates

We now require a time filter to be saved when adding a Start Location. We will frequently see issues where Timers do not set the “Collect Times Until” time field, causing issues where participant’s finish times may be selected as start times. We now require that this field is set before saving the Start Location form so this can be avoided.

Added Pending Sync Queue for RaceDay Hub Participant Kiosk. We now support better handling of bad network connections between participant entry kiosks and scoring machines by storing a queue of failed adds/edits from the participant entry kiosk. Once network connection is restored, the adds/edits made while disconnected will automatically be sent to the main scoring computer.

We now ignore reads that are an exact duplicate of an existing read in the system. We noticed that some timers will replay data from their readers over and over, causing a build up of raw reads and a reduction in performance due to the amount of raw reads to process. We have made a change to automatically ignore duplicate reads, which can be disabled on the Stream level if absolutely needed.

Changed how Corral re-assignment works. Now if you adjust the rules for an existing Corral, we clear all assignments for that Corral and apply the new rules instead of applying the new rule on top of the old rule.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue that caused the display of these release notes to be poorly formatted.

Fixed an issue causing Zip codes to not find and use the associated city/state when entering in participant data in the RaceDay Hub Participant Kiosk.

Fixed an issue in local races causing segment distances to be formatted as meters when they should be miles.

Fixed an issue causing the app to crash when resolving an unknown read to a new participant.

Fixed an issue causing changes made to a Report with an existing RaceDay Hub Auto-Save to generate a new Report, requiring you to update the selected Report on the RaceDay Hub Kiosk to see the changes made. We now update the Reports with the changes made the next time the results are saved to RaceDay Hub kiosks.

Fixed an issue that caused chip codes to not be saved if added individually to a participant without a cross reference set up for that Race.

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