RaceDay Scoring v2.1.9 is now available!

Feature Updates

Added standard Save/Back buttons to Participant and Group screens so you don’t have to scroll to the bottom to save changes or go back to the last screen.

When using the Set Start Times feature on the Dashboard, we now default the checkboxes to OFF if the Scored Events/Corrals have already been started before. This should make starting Races with many Scored Events or Corrals easier to start times for one by one.

Changed Participant Export to include Corral Name instead of Corral ID.

Moved Result Set ID in the RunSignup Results Auto-Save Setup higher up the form so it is harder to miss. This setting allows you to publish to an existing RunSignup Result Set. By default a new Result Set is created unless you place the ID of an existing Result set in this field.

Made a change to custom File Streams which will allow them to be used as a backup timer Stream in conjunction with a Chip based Primary Stream. Prior to this you would need to upload a bib to bib cross reference as well as a bib to chip cross reference if you were scoring primarily with a chip based system but also had times from a backup timer that were outputting bib numbers.

Updated column sorting to allow clearing of filter. Sorting column headers filters out rows with empty cells of that column. So if you sort on bib number, it will filter the list to only those who have a bib number assigned. Prior to this update the only way to clear that filter was to sort on Name or some other column header that had entries for all participants.

Updated RunSignup Result Set ID field location when auto-saving results to RunSignup. This used to be under the advanced settings, but we found that there was a lot of confusion around adding new auto-saves which then create new Result pages on RunSignup so we made it more prominent. The RunSignup Result Set ID field in the Auto-Save setup allows you to publish to an existing RunSignup Result Set if you know the ID for it, so you don’t have multiple result pages showing in the RunSignup Results dropdown.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue which would cause duplicate participants when importing participant data from a spreadsheet with improperly formatted data (like zip code/phone number) and syncing to RunSignup.

Fixed an issue causing column changes in Reports that are currently auto-saving to RunSignup to not be reflected at RunSignup.

Fixed an issue causing backup times to be selected over primary times if a change in the backup Stream configuration was made.

Fixed an issue causing errors when race was built on a prior version.

Fixed an issue causing distances in miles to be interpreted as meters when creating a Race in RaceDay Scoring and publishing it to RunSignup causing event distances like 0.031 km to be created for 3.1 Mile races..

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