RaceDay Scoring v2.1.8 is now available!

Feature Updates

Updated how we handle chip assignment syncing. We no longer use updates made to individual chip assignments and instead always rely on the chip assignments loaded into RaceDay Scoring.

Added ability to export entire database from one computer and import into another.

Made update information bar more prominent so it is easier to find when starting up the application. We highly encourage updating the software as soon as possible as we are making improvements and fixing issues on a weekly basis.

Added back button to Group add/edit screen.

Upgraded RaceDay Hub Bib Lookup Kiosk for better use with touchscreen computers. Also updated the look to a card view and increased the text size for better readability.

Changed how we manage clearing bibs/chips so that can be done at the Registration Event level instead of the Scored Event level only.

Added Corral to list of fields that can be filtered on. Now you can produce Reports that only include participants from one Corral for instance.

Added option to hide skipped fields in Quick Mode.

Added support for international phone numbers in the participant entry form

Participant Export now includes Event Name instead of Event ID.

Participant Export now includes DOB in the MM/DD/YYYY format.

Added email and street address fields as available fields in Reports. This will allow you to more easily create reports to send to your race photographers.

Added ability to clean up RunSignup Result Sets when deleting Reports with RunSignup Results auto-saves running.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue where Group updates made at RunSignup would not be reflected in RaceDay Scoring.

Fixed an issue where you were unable to clear bib/chip numbers for participants who were not included in a Scored Event.

Fixed an issue causing reads to show up in a Race from another previous Race loaded on that computer.

Fixed an issue causing Segment setup errors to not show what field was causing the error in the form.

Changed how multiple Streams using the same Hardware name are handled. We saw that some users were using a File and Direct Stream with the same Hardware Name in the same Race as an easier way to flip from Direct to File Streaming. This actually caused some issues so we have removed the ability for you to assign multiple Streams using the same Hardware Name in the same Race. If you need to change from Direct to File, you can have the Stream prepared and set up in advance, just remove the Direct Stream and add the associated File Stream to switch over to File streaming.

Fixed an issue causing report sections to be duplicated.

Fixed an issue causing the default event setting to not apply when adding new participants.

Fixed an issue causing bib updates to not be reflected in the app when changes were made at RunSignup.

Fixed an issue causing default event participant entry setting to not work.

Fixed an issue causing some exports to fail when importing into another computer.

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