RaceDay Scoring v2.1.6 is now available for download!

Feature Updates

Added option to hide skipped fields in Quick Mode. Use the Settings button in the Participant Add form to access this and other Quick Mode Settings.

Added better error handling when submitting support tickets especially with poor internet connection or if our support system’s API is down.

Added automatic file extensions to exporters so that Race exports will always be .zip, CSV will always be .csv, etc…

Added sync queue viewer in the Participant Sync screen. In the case that you run into a sync error that you are unable to resolve you can now clear the error to proceed with scoring.

Added support for Aggregate Team Scoring by Age Grade.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue causing issues when switching between time zones. We now always display times in the time zone that the race took place, ignoring the computer clock.

Fixed an issue causing sync errors when importing some Race Director exports.

Fixed an issue causing splits with periods in their name like 3.1 to not post to RunSignup Results.

Fixed an issue causing sync errors when switching a Participant from a Super Event to a Sub Event.

Fixed an issue causing errors when importing phone numbers that have an x in them representing extension. We now trim off any data including and after an x in a phone number.

Fixed an issue causing the connector to disconnect and re-connect frequently with a new Chronotrack Fusion update. This should no longer occur.

Added better validation around improperly formatted phone numbers and email addresses.

Fixed an issue causing Age Grade scores to not be shown if the distance was less than 3.10686 miles. Now if you set the distance to say 3.1 miles we will use the 5k age grade tables assuming that is what you meant.

Fixed an issue affecting printing Reports that had certain characters in them – this affected some Age Group and Group Reports depending on your descriptions.

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