Update now to RaceDay Scoring v2.1.4!

Feature Updates

Added support for Group Results and Result Publishing for Reports with Multiple Sections to RunSignup Results. Each section corresponds to a result set at RSU.

Added option to open a separate RaceDay Hub Window on the same computer as your main RaceDay Scoring system.

Added top toolbar to RaceDay Hub allowing switching between Participant and Result mode more easily.

Applied Kiosk Lock mode to top toolbar selection so participants cannot change mode.

Added key bindings in participant edit/add screen. Currently they are:
Alt + s — save
Alt + d — delete
Alt + q — toggle quick mode
Alt + right arrow — next
Alt + left arrow — previous
Alt + c — cancel

Bib field will be focused on after saving if quick mode enabled in participant add screen

Adding setting to auto-increment bib numbers when adding participants in Quick Mode.

Updated Full Screen Recent Reads to allow more lines and fill the width of the screen for a better experience.

Added Timer Contact fields to the Result Set setup.

Improved Connector handling of multiple file drops at the same time.

Added “Catch-All” option in Corrals to quickly include all participants not already included in other Corrals.

Added a way to manually add Raw Reads in the Raw Reads View. This will let you more easily fix up situations where a read was missed for a participant and needs to be inserted between other existing reads.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue allowing participants to be saved without an Event, which would cause sync errors to RunSignup.

Fixed an issue causing splits to not be posted to RunSignup Results.

Fixed an issue causing Sync errors if a participant is not uploaded to RunSignup, but their results are.

Fixed an issue causing Raw Reads to be left out of Race Imports.

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