RaceDay Scoring Software Update: October

Did you miss the recent RaceDay Scoring software update for the month of October provided by Matt Avery? No worries, you can watch the recorded webinar here:

The RaceDay team developers are churning out improvements. Some of October’s changes include the following feature updates.

Feature Updates

Added shut down confirmation dialog
We have had reports of users accidentally shutting down the app – we now protect that with an “Are you sure?” message before the app closes.

Added improved handling of RunSignup sync errors
We have added improved checks to the RunSignup participant sync so that you will no longer get sync failures if an email address is in the wrong format and other data validation situations like that.

Changed default dates across the application to the day of the Race
We have changed the default date in areas like Timing Location Filters, Start Times, and Manual Time recording to reduce errors in date/time setup.

Improved user experience when loading Races with Groups that you are not scoring
We have improved a few areas when you are loading a Race that has Groups on RunSignup that you aren’t using for Scoring purposes.

Improved read re-calculation process stability.

Improved app stability on shutdown.

Transitioning to RaceDay Scoring

Currently using The Race Director and ready to begin transitioning to RaceDay Scoring? Roger Bradshaw provides his guidance on the ideal transition process along with step-by-step instructions.

Are you ready for the future in scoring?

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