RaceDay Scoring v1.1.28 is now out!

Feature Updates

Added First Part of Aggregate Team Scoring Reports
We now support Aggregate Team Scoring based on Overall Place. To follow we will be implementing Aggregate Scoring by Age Group Place, Age Grade Place, and Gender Place.

Adjusted Section Place field to include DNF/DNS/DNQ flags
Section Place is a field that you can add to Reports that is a simple numbering of the Report Section you have. This is handy to use when filtering based on some data, but you want to show a placement within that filtered data.

Added a way to import data with any delimiter you provide
You can now import data using a comma, tab, semi-colon, or anything else that you provide. This covers importing participants, chip assignments, etc…

Added support for selecting date formats when importing participants
You can now let RaceDay Scoring know what the date formatting in the data you are importing is supposed to be.

Added city/state to list of available columns to add in the recent reads view.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue when updating the label of the “Place” column in reports.

Fixed an issue with deleting Reports

Fixed an issue with processing common start/finish reads

Fixed an issue with recalculating reads that would make it look like all reads are being ignored after a recalculate.

Fixed an issue with Segment Place Columns being based on Chip Time even if the Scored Event is set to be based on Clock Time

Fixed an issue with the recent reads full screen button not working when the panel is collapsed

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