New: RaceJoy Map Marker Distance Calculation

RaceJoy has just launched a map building improvement that RaceDay Certified Timers are going to appreciate! RaceJoy’s map building tool now calculates the GPS distance on the course for new intermediate marker or timing locations, such as geo-based audio message points and relay exchange locations. This will simplify the map building process for timers and greatly increase the accuracy of marker positions on the map.

Calculate Distance How-To:

  1. Select new point on the course map. 
  2. Click the Calculate Distance button.
  3. Enter this distance in the Timing Configuration for the new marker.

Note: there is no need to do this for the primary mile markers (mile 1, 2, 3, 4, etc) as the system will automatically compute these points for you. This pertains to the intermediate points along the course route (exchange points, geo-based audio messages, etc). 

Example: If you were to add an audio message to play at a particular water stop that is situated between mile 5 and mile 6, you would add the marker on the map and then click on the Calculate Distance button. The system will automatically determine the GPS location for the geo-message, such as at mile 5.3.  If needed, you can then easily adjust the position of the marker to be situated at the exact position you want the audio message to play. The marker distance then needs to be entered in the Timing Configuration setup. 

Looped Course

This example below shows two distance options, which is what you would see for a looped course. You will be provided with distance options based on the course path. This is helpful for many types of situations, including setting up a geo-based audio message to be played at a certain point on the course. Simply use the correct location in the Timing Configuration for that marker.

It is important to note that the course timing and message markers in RaceJoy are measured by the GPS-based distance on the official course map versus a locked-in latitude or longitude point. Therefore, as the course path changes, the map marker distances may change. Those positions that are added outside of the course path, such as a nearby airport, host hotel, expo, and local sponsors are treated differently and use a set latitude and longitude point and are not affected by Timing Configurations. 

Recalculate Mile Positions Action

Once you enter in the intermediate map markers using the Calculate Distance to determine the location and update your timing configuration, their location is set based on the GPS distance on your course map unless you move/delete them or use the Recalculate Mile Positions action. When the Recalculate Mile Positions action is used these intermediate markers may move based on the distance you have set in the Timing Configuration.  

Important! Course Path Changes 

If you adjust the course path, this will more than likely affect the distance of the intermediate markers and they will need to be adjusted in the timing configuration. If you have course path changes, you will need to:

  1. Adjust the course path.
  2. Adjust the distance of the intermediate markers as needed in the timing configuration by using the Calculate Distance tool and then updating the Timing Configuration distances for these intermediate markers.
  3. Select the Recalculate Mile Positions action. Wait to do this until after step 2.

Make sure to wait to use the Recalculate Mile Positions action until you have first adjusted the intermediate markers distances as needed. Otherwise, all points will move based upon the existing data in the Timing Configurations for the map. 

Example: You have a relay exchange point at mile 10.5. However, your start location moved to another location and this prompted you to change the course path. You will need to first adjust the Start location and any other course path changes, and make the corresponding path adjustments. Then, adjust all the intermediate marker distances in the timing configuration such as the 10.5 mile relay exchange point using the Calculate Distance tool. Once the timing configurations distances are all adjusted, you can use the Recalculate Mile Positions action to update your mile markers.


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RaceJoy is RunSignup’s race day mobile application that offers live GPS tracking of participants, progress updates at every mile and cheer sending. It is available primarily through timers that are certified in RaceJoy. If you wish to become RaceDay Certified, the next training is at RunSignup’s Winter Symposium in January. 

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