Roger’s How To Transition to RaceDay Scoring

Roger Bradshaw

For those of you who don’t know already, RaceDay Scoring is the future of The Race Director. We expect a surge of timers will migrate to RaceDay Scoring this winter. Roger Bradshaw, the creator of The Race Director, provides his guidance on the best way to transition to RaceDay Scoring. Roger is in the thick of things every weekend working with timers to make sure things go well on race day. He has rescored numerous races using RaceDay Scoring and recommends timers apply a systematic approach in their transition. 

Step One: Rescore a Race(s)

Roger recommends timers to first rescore a recent or past race using RaceDay Scoring. Ideally, it would be good to start from a simple 5K and then try more complicated events with splits, multiple courses, and relay teams. This will allow timers to practice going through the steps. As with all software, the more you do it, the more second nature it will become. 

Here is a great How-To Getting Started in RaceDay Scoring.

Roger has also put together a helpful How To Integrate Scored Results from The Race Director to RaceDay Scoring piece.

Step Two: Run in Parallel on RaceDay

Once you feel comfortable with the scoring process, the next step is to run RaceDay Scoring at the same time you are scoring in The Race Director or other scoring software like RunScore. This adds in that race day element of unexpected situations and gives you the experience necessary to feel fully confident in new software.

Step Three: Transition Completely and With Crew Members

Finally, you are ready to transition completely to RaceDay Scoring and train others on your team that are supporting  your scoring efforts. Roger suggest sharing the How-To Get Started piece and anything that you feel is pertinent to the unique needs of your events.

RaceDay Scoring Help

There are many support materials available to help you with RaceDay Scoring:

Also, make sure you take advantage of the community forum to share your experiences and communicate with other timers and our support team. 

RaceDay Scoring is the industry’s future scoring software. New RaceDay Scoring development advances are continually being implemented. So, make sure to check out the monthly updates so you can be prepared to take advantage of the next generation in scoring software!

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