A new update is out today – Quick links to update participants from lists, improved RunSignup Race creation options, and more!

RaceDay Scoring v1.1.25

Feature Updates

Added ability to click a name of a participant in various parts of the app to navigate to the participant view/edit screen for that participant.
We have added a component that will allow you to click the names of participant in various parts of the app which will bring up the participant view/edit screen for that participant. This will let you quickly edit participant information.

Added ability to publish a Race that was initially not set up as a RunSignup race.
Prior to this you could not convert an existing Race to publish to RunSignup. We have added the ability to publish existing races that originally were not set up to be created on RunSignup. This is found under Participant Sync > Edit

Auto-Fill Race URL from Race Name
Now when creating a Race and publishing it to RunSignup – the URL field is pre-filled with the Race Name by default. You can adjust this if needed, but will make things quicker if the Race Name is sufficient itself.

Automatically lock Scored Reads that have been recorded manually

Added option to delete locked reads as well when clearing times.

Added Zip Code to Participant Info Filters

Added link to view RunSignup Results after publishing

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue with looking up participants after resolving an unknown read to them.

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