There’s a lot of cool new features available in RaceDay Scoring v1.1.23. Check them out below!

Feature Updates

Added Scored Event as a column to the Recent Reads Component on the Dashboard
For each Timing Location you can now view the Scored Event for each participant as they pass that location.

Added option to quickly add a Stream to a Timing Location in the Stream Setup
Now when setting up Streams you will be able to assign them to a Timing Location making a simple race setup much quicker.

Added Display Filters to Report Section Filtering
This will allow you to filter participants into this Report Section without re-numbering their placements from their original Scored Event. This is useful if you just want to add a Report Section to display the top X finishers meeting some condition, but do not want their actual placements to be changed. You can use the “Section Place” field to show the placement within this Report Section – otherwise “Place” will be their placement in the original Report.

Added warning when adjusting Reports with Auto-Saves to RaceDay Hub Kiosks
New auto-saves are created when Reports are edited, requiring you to go into your Kiosk computer and select the new Auto-Save. This was not apparent before, so we’ve added a dialog warning you that you will need to go into the Kiosk and select the new Auto-Save that was generated for that Report.

Added Top 5 Leaderboards by Gender to Race Dashboard
We’ve added a quick and easy way to see how your Race standings are looking in real-time on the Dashboard. You can quickly change the Event and Gender shown.

Added More Options to Top Finisher Categories for grouping Genders
Now you have the option to show each gender separately, combined, or only one or the other in Top Finisher Categories.

Added ability to quickly publish results to RunSignup at once.
In order to send results to RunSignup you have to set up an Auto-Save. We’ve added a quicker way to make a one-time publish from the Reports List if you don’t need them to be updated and just want to publish results for a Report right now.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue causing Auto-Saves to spot running when internet connection is lost

Fixed an issue with converting Decimal to Hexadecimal conversion

Fixed DNQ/DNF placements in RaceDay Hub reports

Improved gender and age placement fields in RaceDay Hub

Fixed issue when using a Backup Stream causing reads to not be accepted.

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