RaceDay Scoring v1.1.22 is now available!

Feature Updates

Added Occurrence Counts for Timing Locations to Race Dashboard
For each Timing Location you can now view a count of occurrences.

Added print preview option when using the Rerports > Export > Print function
When printing from the Reports List using the Export > Print function you’re now given a print preview which will let you change the orientation of the print out as well as change the paper type used.

Added ability to resolve unknown reads directly from the Raw Reads view
Now you can click the text “Unknown Bib/Chip” in the Raw Reads List to set up a participant for that read, or map it to an existing one.

Reduced app size

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue where Segment Places were not generated on Group Relay reports.

Fixed an issue causing raw reads count to be inaccurate when more than one Stream is set on a Timing Location.

Fixed an issue causing auto-saves to show for incorrect races when switching between races.

Fixed an issue causing duplicate auto-saves to show when editing existing Reports

Fixed an issue with some file import systems like RFID and Summit.

Fixed an issue causing top finisher bands to not work correctly when one is pulled from age groups and another is not

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