RaceDay Scoring v1.1.20 is now out with Direct-to-printer support, Custom Top Finishers, Better Dashboard Statistics, and more!

Feature Updates

Added initial support for Printing Directly to Printer
We now support printing a Report directly to a printer as an item in the Export dropdown for each report, as well as via a button on the Report View. Formatting customization will eventually come to this in the future.

Added support for Custom Top Finishers
You can now apply filters to Top Finisher Categories – This will allow you to define a Top Finisher Category for custom question responses for instance – letting you have a Top Finisher Category for “Clydesdale” which is removed from their Age Group and have it’s own jumping and double dipping rules between other Top Finisher Categories like “Overall” and “Masters”.

Added more useful information to the Dashboard
You’ll now see the following items on the Dashboard:

  • Ignored Raw Read Count – click to expand and see a breakdown of how many of those Raw Reads were ignored for each specific reason. This will help in getting a quick view into why reads may be getting ignored.
  • Count of Race Participants – click to expand and see a breakdown of Participants per Scored Event
  • Breakdown of the number of Scored Reads Per Event per Timing Location

Added functions to clear all reads and recalculate all reads on all Timing Locations from the Dashboard
Prior to this update, you would have to clear or recalculate times from each Timing Location if you needed to clear/recalculate all times at once.

Added combined column for Segment Place
You’ll now see better formatted Segment Place fields in the Report Builder.

Added “Cumulative Clock Time” field for splits

Added custom column suggestions based on Scored Event
When adding columns to Report Sections we now limit the available fields to only those applicable to the Scored Event selected for that Report Section.

Added link to Global Time Formatting Options from Dashboard
Time Formatting Options are specific to the Race – but are pulled from the Global Settings. We’ve added a shortcut to that from the Time Formatting Options panel on the Dashboard.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed a few issues when importing race exports

Fixed an issue causing multiple division placements to show on RunSignup results.

Refactored the Raw Reads count to be more accurate.

Fixed issue affecting some Time Formats where leading 0s in minutes did not show.

Fixed issue affecting some Race | Results text file formatting types

Fixed issue with Connector when Stream Hardware Names change.

Fixed minor issues with PDF/HTML/CSV Reports

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