RaceDay Scoring v1.1.19 is out now!

Feature Updates

Added ability to set whether Relay Teams should have the same bib for all members, or allow individual bibs to be different within the same Relay Team
When setting up a Scored Event, you now have a new area to set up “Group Options” which you can configure this setting on.

Added initial support for Aggregate Teams
We have added the first part of our support for Aggregate Teams. This Team Type will be used to support Corporate/Social/XC style Team Scoring where you will add up the times or places of the members of a team. Right now we just have the setup interface complete – it does not generate the Team Standings or product Team Results at this point.

Added support for Group/Team Name in Raw Reads view

Improved Report Builder to better guide you in adding new Report Sections to the Report
We’ve improve the user experience for adding Report Sections to a Report by filtering out functions that you cannot use until a previous function has been completed. For instance – you cannot add any Report Section Type if you do not have an Event selected. We also make this dynamic based on what type of Event you have selected – if you have selected a Relay Team Event, we will show the Group Type Report section button, but will hide it if you do not have a Relay Team Event selected.

Bugs Fixed

Added more cleanup to listings when a Scored Event is deleted.

Fixed issue with adding “Splits with Place” to reports

Fixed issue with bib numbers being lost when transferring participants between Scored Events.

Fixed issue with exporting lists to CSV

Fixed issue with unknown read resolution.

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