RaceDay Scoring v1.1.17

The latest version of RaceDay Scoring has been released, with many updates and fixes to the core scoring system to provide more stability, along with a few new features. See below for details!

Feature Updates

Added new setting in Segment Setup to filter previous segments when this segment is complete
This will help with by ignoring times coming in at a segment for participants who have a recorded time for a segment that should come after the one in question. This will also allow you to ignore start times after finish times if you enable this on a single segment.

Isolated Stream Configuration Changes so that they only affect the Stream that is being changed.
Previously we would shut down connections to all Streams when a change is made on one. This is an issue for those using Direct systems that do not allow you to rewind data – causing a potential data loss. We have reworked our connection so that we now only shut down the connection to the Streams that are actually being changed, so that any other connections that do not need to be updated remain connected.

Improved Connector State Status Indicator (Reads)
We found an issue where the connector process would shut down while the app was still running, but we were not aware of it due to the connector status indicator not being “smart” enough. We implemented a new way of detecting if the connection is lost and reporting it correctly back to RaceDay Scoring, and fixed the issue that caused the Connector to shut down.

Added save and back buttons to toolbar in Timing Location and Stream Setup pages.

Added a way to view any Sync errors on participant records

Improved participant filter by more easily letting you clear all search terms at once.

Made change to Report Builder to show the actual Report Section Type and Scored Event, so that it can be referenced after making a change to the Report Section Name.
Previously you could easily lose track of the original section name and you edit it, and forget which Event or Type this Section was based on, causing confusion.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed bug affecting the Age Grade Calculation.

Fixed bug affecting the Participant CSV Export.

Fixed bug when adding/deleting Top Finisher Categories.

Fixed bug when changing an existing Scored Event from Chip to Gun time or vice/versa.

Fixed issue with associated Listings when deleting Scored Events.

Fixed issue with associated Reports when deleting Scored Events.

Fixed issue with Listings when restoring races.

Improved speed of Report view

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