RaceDay Scoring v1.1.16 Released!

RaceDay Scoring v1.1.16

Feature Updates

Show clock and chip times in participant view
We now show clock and chip times for all segments in all listings that a participant is a part of in the participant view, along with their place and chip times.

Added ability to change the column order in Report Section Templates
You can now store Report Section Templates with an order that the templates should be in when applied. Previously, you could only select what columns will be included, but could not define what order they should show in.

Made change to Report Builder to show the actual Report Section Type and Scored Event, so that it can be referenced after making a change to the Report Section Name.
Previously you could easily lose track of the original section name and you edit it, and forget which Event or Type this Section was based on, causing confusion.

Bugs Fixed

Made many changes to address reporting issues when importing a race that caused Reports to look for incorrect listings.

Fixed issue when creating a non-RunSignup race locally.
Previously there was an issue with participants never showing because participant sync had not started. With local races, this is not an option so participants would not show.

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