RaceDay Scoring v1.1.14 Now Available!

Feature Updates

RaceList Update
We now show an indicator if a Race is today in addition to the existing values of “Upcoming” and “Passed”. These are now color coded as well.

Select Race Dropdown Improvements
We have changed the Race Selection dropdown from the top toolbar. This is now no longer tied to the Race List filters, will let you see all Races loaded (instead of just the page that you have selected in the Race List), and you can type to search.

Top Finisher Category Improvements

  • A default band is no longer pre-loaded when opening up the Top Finisher Category Setup to reduce confusion.
  • The band jumping rules are hidden from the first Top Finisher Category that is created (because these settings do not have any meaning for the highest priority band).
  • The default Band Jumping Rule is now set to the most commonly used one – “All”.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed bug that caused an error when importing a Race Export that had participants without registration IDs

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