RaceDay Scoring 1.1.13 Now Available!

This is a major update with many stability improvements to the app in a few different areas, as well as a few new features that we’ve been wanting to implement for a while now.

Highlights are:

Better handling of Top Finisher Settings
This is now configured in the Age Group Setup, and is applied to all Reports immediately after saving. This should make setting up a Race much easier as you no longer have to edit a Report to add Top Finishers to your Race, just add them as you’re setting up Age Groups.

Added Event Mapping option to Participant Import
You are now able to import a spreadsheet with Event names that do not match the Event Names in RaceDay Scoring. If RaceDay Scoring encounters an instance of an Event Name that isn’t in RaceDay Scoring, it will allow you to map that to any one of the Events loaded in the system.

Updated Age Group Position and Gender Position Columns in Report View to be more condensed
We cleaned up how Top Finisher/Age Group placements are shown in the main Report View. This will soon carry over to CSV/HTML outputs as well.

And much more explained in the Release Notes

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