RaceDay Scoring v1.1.11 Now Available!

We’ve put out a quick update to address a few issues. See below for more details –

Feature Updates

Added confirmation before deleting participants
We now show a pop-up to confirm deleting all participants.

Added note to Stream Setup
We now show a note about leaving the file extension blank in the Stream Setup. This would consider ALL files in a folder if left blank.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed issue with changing Stream Settings for existing Streams
If a user updated older Streams with new settings they were not saving. Now they should save.

Fixed issue with not being able to publish results to RunSignUp
This was caused by adding age groups without a number of winners assigned. Now it should not matter if you do not assign a number of winners for each age band.

Fixed issue with creating a Race at RunSignUp in the app
This was causing PM races to show in AM times.

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