Timer Spotlight: Craig Chiger

Craig Chiger
Start to Finish Team, Craig Chiger: 2nd in from left

Craig Chiger, founder of Start to Finish (located in Long Beach, NY), attended RunSignup’s RaceDay Certification training in Orlando, Fla. this year. Since then, he has incorporated RaceJoy’s  live tracking and cheer sending as one of the standard services they are now offering as part of their overall timing package to all 50 races that they time.

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Like many other timing organizations, they have found competition in the industry has increased as the previous cost barriers that existed with timing equipment has come down. In response to this increased competition, Chiger and his team of 15 focus on offering higher quality, comprehensive services that not only differentiate their services, but improve the overall race experience for participants and spectators. After 41 years timing events, they clearly have tried and tested the industry’s technology and have significant valuable knowledge that race organizers can take advantage of to improve their race experience and grow their registrations.


Start to Finish is one of the early adopters of RaceDay Timers and is taking things to the next level of  offering RaceJoy’s live GPS tracking and cheer sending at every single race they offer – no matter the distance or the size, including their largest event, The Great Cow Harbor 10K, with 5,500 participants. Chiger is offering RaceJoy at several events already and reports the response has been positive. Here are just some of the races where Start to Finish is offering RaceJoy’s advanced GPS tracking and cheer sending:

Chiger’s approach with RaceJoy was to first do a test race in Kingswood to personally test the technology.  Chiger created a test course and drove the course in a golf cart while someone else monitored him using RaceJoy.  The “test was a great success” – according to Chiger.  This enabled them to feel confident in the product and the overall process.

Note: RaceDay Certified Timers wishing to do a RaceJoy test race need to create a separate race in RunSignup and make sure to include TEST RACE in the name.

Races looking for a timer in the North East area can request a quote for Start to Finish here: http://www.start2finish.com/forms/Race%20Info.htm

If you are a timer and want to become RaceDay Certified and be able to offer RaceJoy, RunSignup is offering two certification opportunities:

March 19, web-based full day session (space is very limited)

July 17: RunSignup’s Summer Symposium


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