RaceDay Scoring v1.1.9 is now available!

Feature Updates

Upcoming Races Sorting Updates
We are adding support for the upcoming races to be sorted by date, name, or ID. The default sort will be descending, so the furthest in the future shows first in the list. We will also be adding a search to this page.

Added option in Scored Reads View to export Scored Reads
This would allow a timer to export scored reads collected on one machine and import them into another.

Experience Updates

  • Improved Race List Search and Sort functions
  • Updated tooltips in many places to make more legible
  • Improved Group Member Add interface by making it a dialog instead of inside of a small panel.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed issue with ages with leading zeros not importing properly
Some systems will export age with a leading zero if they are under two digits – “08” for instance. Without this fix, those come in as “0”.

Fixed issue with Scored Reads View Clear button

Fixed issue with Group Bib Numbers not showing correctly in latest scored reads list and edit.

Get the latest update by using the Update Info button on the main page of the app.

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