RaceDay Certified Timers Embrace New Technology

It’s the first week after RunSignup’s RaceDay Certification tour and timers that went through the training are energetically embracing RaceJoy and RaceDay Scoring. Already, certified timers have enabled RaceJoy for more than 80 new races across the country.


Some timers are choosing to try RaceJoy out at a smaller 5K event so they can get comfortable with the map building, monitoring, geo cheers, integrated scored results, and other technologies. Two timing organizations tried RaceJoy out at Super Bowl themed events this last weekend: Fusion Race Timing and Total Image Running.

Fusion Race Timing out of Newark, Delaware offered RaceJoy at the Touchdown 5K. This full service race organization is fully embracing all of RunSignup’s RaceDay technology and used the new release of RaceDay Scoring to score the race and RaceJoy for the mobile race day experience.

timer certified
Left: Live RaceJoy, Center: RaceDay Certified Mug, Right: RaceDay Scoring

Craig Karchner,  a Certified RaceDay timer with Fusion Race Timing, shared, “We wanted to start putting our new skills to use obtained from the certification course in Philly. Everything went well with no issues. Our runners really seemed to enjoy RaceJoy. We will definitely use RaceJoy for our bigger races. We also plan to use it for our own smaller races just to stay in practice and promote awareness of the product“.

Craig & Karen with Fusion Race Timing

Christine Lewis, a Certified RaceDay Timer with Total Image Running, offered RaceJoy at this past weekend’s Super Bowl Chili 5K.  Total Image Running is a full service race management organization in Manchester, New Hampshire. They made full use of advanced technology features like the geo cheer sending along the course and integration with race day photos here participants can quickly access their photos from RaceJoy.

Some of the positive feedback Christine received from participants included:

“I used it!! Although I wasn’t paying a whole lot of attention to it, it was great for my boyfriend to track me and cheer me on!!!! Definitely a fun tool to use!!

” I did! Thought it was great!”

“I did! It worked fantastic!”

It’s great to see the excitement from timers fulling exploring, using new technology and being the technology change agent for the race day experience.  Certified Timers, share your experiences with others by sending photos and insights to shelly@runsignup.com.

If you would like to become a certified timer, RunSignup will offer a virtual training course for those who were not able to make the January session and onsite training will be available at RunSignup’s Symposium in July.

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