RaceDay Timer Certification Sell Out!

As many of you know, we’ve launched a new RaceDay Timer Certification program where we are providing on-site training  during a four city tour across the country. The tremendous response from timers is a pleasant surprise.  We were expecting about 20-30 people at each location, but we’ve actually sold out each location and have added greater capacity to accommodate the response.  By the end of January, we will have more than 230 timers certified on RaceDay’s technology.

Current Registrations:

Philadelphia: 60 (originally scheduled for 30)

Dallas: 52 (Opened up more space. So, sign up while you can!)

San Francisco: 37 (max was 30!)

Orlando: 100 (we doubled the space to accommodate the demand)

Today is our very first timer certification day in Philadelphia. Timers are engaged and here to learn. Many timers have regular jobs or other commitments and we’ve been impressed by their willingness to take time out, travel, and spend time learning about things that can truly help their business and the race industry.


The key training we are providing includes in-depth, hands-on training on our new RaceDay Scoring product and RaceJoy. Sessions include actual certification tests to ensure timers have a high comfort level with the technology they will be offering races. Training also includes other RaceDay tools like RaceDay Results and RaceDay CheckIn.


Thanks to the Philadelphia attendees and all the timers that are embracing the timer certification program! We are on to Dallas!

RaceJoy Map Making!

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