RaceDay Suite Pricing and FAQ

Two weeks ago we sent an email with preliminary pricing on our new RaceDay Suite toimage (4) timers. We got back a bunch of great (bad) feedback. We will roll out the following pricing formally the week of December 17 and wanted to make sure we had time for any more feedback with the pricing below. See our blog on the Economics of RaceDay Software for more information on our logic.

The RaceDay Suite incorporates all of our tools – highlighted by The Race Director and RaceDay Scoring. Here are the basics:

  • Yearly subscription based on tiers
  • Price based on # of total participants across all races within a year
  • Discount for participants scored on races using RunSignup for registration AND for Cross Country participants
  • Bundled credits for Results, Photos, EMail and TXT notifications
  • Special pricing to certified timers for RaceJoy resale and support
  • RaceDirector New Full LogoUnlimited computers per timing business.
RaceDay Suite Pricing Credits for
non-RSU Races
Credit for RSU Races
# of Participants Price Results Posting, Photos, Finisher Certificates & EMail Notifications TXT Notifications Photos, TXT, Results
up to 2,500 $150 100,000 250 Unlimited
10,000 $400 100,000 1,000 Unlimited
25,000 $650 100,000 2,000 Unlimited
50,000 $900 100,000 5,000 Unlimited
75,000 $1,500 150,000 7,500 Unlimited
100,000 $2,000 200,000 10,000 Unlimited
250,000 $5,000 500,000 25,000 Unlimited
500,000 $10,000 1,000,000 50,000 Unlimited
Unlimited $50,000 Unlimited 100,000 Unlimited

The Discount Schedule below is subtracted from the above price depending on the total number of RunSignup and Cross Country participants. RunSignup participants count all participants registered or imported into a race that has RunSignup open as a primary registration platform for a race.

# of Registrations on RunSignup and XC participants Discount Net Price if all RSU Races
5,000 – 9,999 $100 $300
10,000 – 24,999 $200 $450
25,000 – 49,999 $400 $500
50,000 – 74,999 $800 $700
75,000 – 99,999 $1,200 $800
100,000 – 249,999 $4,000 $1,000
250,001 – 500,000 $8,000 $2,000
500,001+ $40,000 $10,000


A timer has 15,000 participants per year. They time no XC races or races that use RunSignup. The cost will be $650 per year since they have to purchase at the 25,000 level.

A timer with 20,000 participants per year. They time 1,000 XC participants and they time races that use RunSignup for registration that have a total of 4,000 participants. The cost of the subscription is $650, and they get a $100 discount for a net price of $550. If they think they can get another 5,000 participants on RunSignup, then their discount goes up to $200, and their net price is $450.

A timer with 45,000 participants per year, with 25,000 participants between XC and RunSignup. That is $800 less a $400 discount for a net price of $400.

A timer with 120,000 participants per year, with 25,000 participants between XC and RunSignup. That is $4,000 less a $400 discount for a net price of $3,600.


Why is the price changing?
Well, as we explain in the Economics of RaceDay Technology, we lose a lot of money if the only revenue is the price of this software in comparison to what we spend to develop it. The revenue that pays is for processing fees on race registration. So timers who do not do any RunSignup (or XC) races will pay a bit more that what they used to with The Race Director, and most timers who recommend RunSignUp to their races will pay a bit less.

I’ve been using The Race Director forever, and just want to use that. What do I do?
You can keep using it. We announced our long term support plan for The Race Director, and will ship a The Race Director 2020, and then do support thru 2023.

How do I get support for just The Race Director?
The Race Director is a licensed product. If you own a license you can use the software forever. We have been offering yearly support, and that is available until December 17, 2018 and you can buy it now. Effective the week of December 17, 2018, the only way to get The Race Director support is to buy the RaceDay Suite Subscription. This will give you continued support and access to the rest of the tools.

If I bought The Race Director, can I upgrade to RaceDay Suite?
Yes. And we will credit you on a pro-rated basis for the amount you paid for The Race Director support.

Why should I switch to RaceDay Scoring?
Well, Roger thinks it is better, and you probably will, too. We also have a number of timers who currently use other tools who have been beta testing RaceDay Scoring. They will also be moving more of their timing over as they gain familiarity and comfort with the new product.

Should I cut over now?
We suggest a gradual migration from your current timing system to RaceDay Scoring. You can run your systems in parallel to gain familiarity and comfort with the new software, which is the reason why we are packaging everything together and providing a long runway of support for The Race Director.

I have 5 timing teams, can I use 1 subscription for all of them?
Yes. You only need one subscription for all of them. You can use any of the software on any number of computers as you like. The RaceDay Scoring Client/Server capability also allows for any number of clients PC’s and Mac’s acting as Check-in, Participant Add/Change and Result kiosks as you like.

Does RaceDay Scoring Meet all Timing Needs Today?
No. It does a lot, like for normal races, segment races like Triathlons, complex award setup as well as complex scoring algorithms like prediction races and Relay Team scoring. The two major areas that still need work are lap races and team scoring like cross country. These will be added in 2019 (in time for XC season!).

How are participants counted?
By the number of participants in a race, not the number of finishers. We accumulate that over the course of the year. If you go over the tier, then you only pay the difference between tiers.


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