The Race Director Future

With the imminent release of RaceDay Scoring, lots of timers are asking about what the plans are for The Race Director. Well, here are the quick facts with more explanation below:

  • The Race Director 2019 is now available.
  • We will ship a The Race Director 2020.
  • We will support The Race Director 2020 through 2023.
  • There is no rush to move to RaceDay Scoring! Take your time. You can run both.
  • Roger has no interest in retiring any time soon. He loves being part of the team to create this wonderful new product and truly wants to take care of his customers.

One of the critical goals of RaceDay Scoring was to create a smooth migration path for The Race Director customers. Roger has worked hard on having the ability to Export a race and import it smoothly into RaceDay Scoring.

This allows timers to easily dual-score races and get comfortable with the new product.

Another benefit of having both products is that there will be a number of features that might not be available in RaceDay Scoring yet, or a timer may prefer the way things are done in The Race Director for certain races. This is the reason we are now bundling the products together.

The Race Director 2019 included quite a few improvements. We expect The Race Director 2020 to not include many new features. When we are asked for a new feature, we will first try to do things in RaceDay Scoring. If that does not look feasible from a timeline perspective, we will put those features in The Race Director 2020. Also of note, is that all RaceDay Suite Subscribers will have access to any of the 2020 features that are developed and delivered in 2019.

So, in spite of the fact there are lots of reasons why you will love RaceDay Scoring as much as we do, you need not worry about us not being here for you when using The Race Director.

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